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New  Add-ons: 3D Projection & Music Video Mixing & Karaoke

LA DJs Anywhere & Middle Of Nowhere Services

We have multiple amazing Las Vegas and LA DJs available to serve you. We were the Dj's for the entire 2021 Malibu Chili Cookoff for 21 hours of music and over 10,000 attendees. Customer service is our #1 priority. We have Djs for small & large events, corporate events, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16's, weddings, and more. With our Party Bus, we can Dj your event anywhere like carnivals, festivals, street parties, block parties, tailgaters, & parking lot parties. We serve people who want and need professional Dj's who mix amazing selections of music to fit your needs, read your crowd, and make your party go off. We don't just play any music. We take the time to understand what you like and craft playlists around your preferences. This takes a lot of preparation so we can make your event amazing. Our music playlists contain all the best curated music from 7 decades of amazing music, which playlists can be crafted to suit your specific needs. Hire Othaside DJs today for your premier Las Vegas and Los Angeles event planning needs!


NOW OFFERING KARAOKE AS AN ADD-ON TO DJ SERVICES. ALSO ASK ABOUT OUR MUSIC VIDEO MIXING (Vjay services) AND 3D PROJECTION!!! We will make your event look like a night club!!!


Private Indoor & Outdoor Events


We are open format DJ's. This means we mix and play every type of music to fit your style. We can take your playlists and show up with all your favorites. Our mixing specialties are in Pop/Top40, House/EDM, Hiphop/Rap, Classic Rock, All types of Latin, Christian, and everything 1970's, 80's and 90's. However, we love music, so if it sounds good and gets people dancing...we play it! That's the soul of LA DJs.


We have very extensive lighting, fog, and special effects capabilities. Throughout many years of providing this service to countless clients, Othaside has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make the process of hiring a DJ completely seamless with extraordinary results.

We create the soundtrack of your life!

The Perfect Wedding Las Vegas & Los Angeles DJs


A good DJ is so much more than the person you charge with the responsibility of selecting the music to be included in your playlist. A good or bad Los Angeles wedding DJ can make or break your night. Professional Wedding DJs have curated playlists and an understanding of the Wedding party format and Emceeing to keep your party engaged and having fun. We will go through a process of understanding your needs for the night or we will help you design the night with music and announcements and introductions as you need.  We know how important it is to make sure everything is right. That's why we make the process simple and streamlined so you can work on making your night the best. We get people on the dance floor and keep surprising them.

Make the process fast 

You want a Pro DJ in Los Angeles & the surrounding areas who will make the process easy and fast so you can get back to planning your Wedding. We can get you booked with two simple steps; a phone call and a signature.