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How to Plan Your End-of-Summer Pool Party with DJs in Las Vegas

With the early days of fall creeping ever-closer, it’s important to pack in as many summer memories as possible before you kiss the season goodbye. There’s plenty of ways to soak in the sun and celebrate this time of year – but making a splash and keeping cool poolside certainly tops our list. If you’re in the mood to end the summer in style, why not host your own pool party? Pulling off an exciting event takes a little more preparation than supplying beach towels and snacks – but a little creative thinking and early planning is key to pulling together an incredible event that friends and family will remember. With a little help from Othaside DJs regarding Las Vegas event planning and soundtracking your summer event, here’s a few steps you can take to elevate your pool party.

Provide All the Basics

It’s important to think ahead – and make sure your lucky guests are covered with the basics they’ll need to enjoy an amazing outdoor party, even if they forgot a few essential supplies themselves. For example, spending all day in the scorching hot summer sun is sure to leave a nasty sunburn. Make sure to stock some extra sunscreen on hand in case anyone’s in need. Bug repellant might also be a necessity to keep away any pesky insects outside. Keep a few extra towels on hand to help your guests dry off after a dip in the pool – and to prevent them from tracking water anywhere indoors.

Plan Your Refreshments

Planning food and drink options for guests? Making a list of necessary refreshments – and quantities – ahead of time is key to shopping well. Start with beverages – to combat the soaring outdoor temperatures, you’ll want to keep any available drinks cool – whether that means having stocked coolers, a bar area (and maybe even a floating novelty bar for a unique touch!), or just easy access to disposable cups and ice. You might even consider an opportunity to indulge your inner kid with some icy treats – supplying popsicles or ice cream bars might just be a big hit poolside!

When it comes to food, pairing your pool party with an outdoor cookout for crowd-pleasing hot dogs and hamburgers seems only natural. Or, add to a larger snack array! Some summertime favorites? Fresh fruit (like watermelon slices, a seasonal essential), chips and dip, or even pizza.

Be Sure to Decorate

Adding some flair to your outdoor space can be sure to get guests in the mood for summer fun. Consider your lighting – maybe there’s room to arrange outdoor lanterns, tiki torches, or twinkle lights to add some extra style to the evening hours. Or, consider working with your DJ to arrange the perfect lighting package to lend a club atmosphere perfect for dancing! Beyond that, consider other ways for perfect daytime photo opportunities – like filling the water with trendy pool floats, beach balls, or other inflatables.

Partner with Las Vegas DJs

You most likely won’t want to be bothered with trying to keep the right music playing throughout your entire pool party on your own. Plus, fumbling with wireless speakers and Bluetooth devices while trying to enjoy the water is a recipe for disaster. Opt instead to plan ahead with a professional DJ to make your pool party an event to remember.

Explore our online offerings to book the package that’s right for your party – considering your available space, guest list, and budget. Professional Las Vegas DJs can work with you to perfect the crowd-pleasing music mix you’re looking for – with any genre or era you had in mind! Whether you’re looking for an oldies-minded mix, cutting-edge, summer-appropriate pop hits, or an EDM DJ Las Vegas loves, Othaside DJs has you covered with high quality, reliable services – plus any other special effects you might need to amp up the party. Sound good? Explore our packages online today and get in touch to book our DJ services for your next event!

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